Jaco Jacobs:

Little better every time. Patience, persistence and consistency is the answer.
100% compliance: nutrition, training and resting.
All under your guidance Zane. You are a Master of the Art and I can highly recommend your services (online) or in person regardless of a person’s goal, Competition/General Health, you are the go-to-guy!

Jason Turner

“I worked with Zane for 3 months as I was tired of my unhealthy eating habits. It was a challenge from the start due to the nature of my job as a pilot being away from home. We often spend 12+ nights away from home in a single month, but Zane ensured I had plenty of options for eating and constantly gave me tips for healthy meal prep. The workouts were easy to follow and enjoyable. Thank you Zane for truly changing my perspective of eating properly! I still have a very long road to travel but you got me on my feet and gave me the motivation I needed to continue on.”

michael before after

Michael Valentine

Having been a client with Zane was a great experience and big game changer in my life and fitness journey. His one on one skills is exceptional and blunt honesty is what I respected and felt was beneficial to my own development. My body has changed so much in just a year and it’s only the beginning. Zane methods are slow and steady wins the race, also sound solid advice to live by. Whatever your fitness level or goal you can’t go wrong with Zane.

Mario De Lima

Mario De Lima

“Zane takes the time to fully understand his clients as well as their objectives. This is of vital importance when trying lose fat or gain muscle, as both require long term effort. Zane understands this better than most and therefore designs plans around your lifestyle, making it very easy to adopt. Also, his responsiveness is very impressive.” – Mario de Lima


Mandy Morgan

I am currently doing Online training with Zane. I am very impressed with his knowledge as well as the effort he puts into me as his client. The training program is customized to fit my exact needs, and should I mention any niggles, Zane always swiftly gives me a solution. He is always positive and encouraging too which helps keep me motivated!

Karl Dahms

I have been training for the last 13 years, with the longest break in training being 2 weeks because I broke both my wrists. My training partner and I approached Zane, because we got stuck at a plateau, we struggled to break. We started training with Zane and he literally schooled us in weight training, nutrition and supplementation.

We thought we knew it all. Picked up some new tricks and also brought back some old knowledge that was forgotten. I advise any one who asks me about body-building and fitness, that if they are serious about changing there life style and getting in shape to make an appointment with Zane, and go talk to him.

He is one of the most knowledgeable people I know. I trained with Zane for 3 months, just to pick his brain as I am fanatical about fitness. I have learned a lot from him. The moment I hit that plateau again, I will schedule an appointment.

My training partner are I are training on our own at the moment, but in-corporate all we have learnt from him. Weights are getting heavier, reps higher and attitude towards training like we are just getting started.

Can’t wait to hit the weights..That is what I would tell any one that would walk up to me and ask me what was it is like training with Zane Mason!

Clinton Lehman

Zane is a results driven trainer, who is passionate in what he does! He has a good understanding that each person is unique and requires a program designed according to their goals and needs. He is very motivating and has helped take me to the next level in my training!


Amy Cilliers

When I met with Zane I realised that he is not just your normal personal trainer. He listens to your needs and works out a program that is best for you! He goes out of his way to change your lifestyle to a better and healthier way of living.  It’ s not a quick fix to get where you want to be, but with a personal trainer like Zane you will feel motivated and dedicated to keep on doing your best. With Zane’s help I lost 10% body fat in 5 weeks. I would recommend Zane to anyone wanting to feel better,  look better and have better mental health. You won’t be disappointed!


Stella Heyns Fourie

I started training with Zane to lose some weight and firm up for my wedding – he not only got great fitness results with me, but also made me fall in love with training, with being strong and with how my body changed.

Zane has the awesome ability to not only teach you how to train and eat the right way, but to also live the right way! He is a great Personal Trainer that gets results (which is amazing!), but who is also a Teacher, Friend and Life Coach all in one! Being the best ME that I possibly can be, is a mantra that he taught me and that I still hold on to!


Andri Myburgh

Thank you Zane for all the motivating and pushing to be a more fitter and healthier me. I have never done weight training before and you showed me that weight training will not bulk me up but tone and define. You are an awesome trainer! I highly recommend you!


Donovan Chetty

Zane Mason is an exceptional trainer and nutritionist, he stands out among the best in his field. With his nutrition and training program I can already feel myself breaking the barrier that I have been constantly hitting. It has only been 4 weeks now but I have already picked up strength and dropped 5 percent body fat. Thanks Zane!


Leandre Jansen Van Vuuren

I would highly recommend Zane Mason to anyone wanting to get into great shape and feel healthy. His extensive experience in the Fitness world ensures that you see results in no time!


Devron King

In just 6 weeks, I’ve managed to blast through my sticking points, I’ve gained strength and managed to pick up 4kg of lean muscle. All thanks to Zane Mason who’s awesome training advice has helped me to fast-track my training to get the results I want in the shortest amount of time! Thanks Zane!


Chelsea Pharo

Thanks Zane for being such a vital part in my Training, Health and Well-Being.Your Assistance, Motivation and Talent has taught me the basic fundamentals of training!

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